Clear Conscience Sealants is the Northwest distributor for several environmentally sustainable and innovative floor sealants. All sealants are "No VOC" or "Low VOC" and meet the criteria of the U S Green Building Council’s LEED Credit, EQ-4.2, Low-Emitting Materials, Paints and Coatings.

Each has unique strengths to meet your individual requirements wile providing ultra durable finishes that last for years.  The products are as follows:

EPIC Gloss - Water based urethane with ZERO VOC content that is proven to inhibit bacteria and mold growth. Highly slip resistant with a SCOF greater than 0.78. 

EPIC Satin - Water based urethane similar to EPIC gloss, but in an appealing satin finish.
Product Comparison

Which product is right for you?

ProductCompound BaseVOCsSCOFDry TimeDurabilityGloss

EPIC       water based urethane0 g/l>.78     8  hrs      1-3 yrs     92-95 degrees   

EPIC Fast Dry        water based urethane40 g/l>.78    4  hrs      1-3 yrs     88-90 degrees      

EPIC Satin     water based urethane         0 g/l>.78            5 hrs       1-3 yrs            60-70 degrees       


Our Sealants vs Acrylic Wax

Environmental Analysis     Gloss Comparison

EPIC Fast Dry - Water based urethane, gloss finish with an amazing 4 hour cure time!