Recent Projects
Our clients experience high gloss floors with durability ten times that of wax.  They have reported labor savings on floor maintenance of up to 66%.

Below are some recent projects where our sealants have been applied and created fantastic, long lasting, finishes.

The grout in this rest room had not been deep cleaned in over 20 years.  We BlueGreen cleaned the tile and grout, re-colored the grout, and sealed the floors with EPIC Gloss.  The staff were elated.Granite Entryway at Microsoft HQ in Redmond.  The old solvent-based coating was removed and replaced with an environmentally sustainable water based urethane.  To reduce slip and falls, a non-slip grit was added to the coating.EPIC waterbased urethane was applied to the VCT floor in this classroom  to create a glossy floor finish that will last several years before needing recoating.  The principal claims that parents now comment more on her floors than they do the artwork of their children!EPIC Tile sealing at Minnesota Catholic Hospital.  The tile was sealed to protect the original finish and give it a deep water shine.Nothshore School District Pilot Project. Restored two of the worst rest rooms at a local elementary school in Bothell, WA.Tile Restoration at Northshore School District.  Nothshore gave us their most difficult rest rooms to restore.  The finish on the tile was gone, the grout dirty, and the smell less than desirable.  Our process restored the tile to new, cleaned the grout, and eliminated odors.We re-colored the grout to provide a uniform color then coated with EPIC.  A non-slip grit was included in the finish to reduce slip and falls.UV Pro demonstration at Swedish Hospital.  UV Pro is a great low VOC acrylic finish that is perfect for floors that operate 24/7.  With the UV Pro finish, floors can be "walk on ready" in 2-4 hours, start to finish!We applied EPIC Gloss to The City of Renton's Community Center Locker Room.  The result was a super glossy brand new finish.  In the shower, we added non-slip to our EPIC urethane to reduce slip and falls and provide a comfortable floor to walk on.Here is a close up of how EPIC transformed the matte finish tile into a beautiful entryway.Lucky Eagle Casino has a large senior patronage.  We used EPIC to seal the tile and grout, long term. Then, by adding an aggressive non-slip agent to our EPIC, we dramatically improved the traction on the tile to reduce slip and falls.  The shine with the non-slip is a soothing semi-gloss. Dental Lab in Edmonds, WA. At a world wide coffee company headquarters in Seattle, we restored the tile in the corporate locker rooms with EPIC.  Using recycled glass recovered from land fills as a non-slip agent, we provided a very firm footing on the floor and helped reduce waste in land fills.Real Networks HQ - Seattle.  We sealed 10 heavily used rest rooms with EPIC.  They look great!Tulalip Casino - The wax on the  dance floor could not withstand the constant dancing and foot traffic and had to be stripped and re-applied weekly. We coated the floor with EPIC for a great deep water shine and long lasting durability.Swedish-Cherry Hill  Campus   We used UV Pro Enhance on the dull and slightly scratched urethane sealed floors to shine for another three years.  The floors were sealed and equipment moved back in the room in just two hours with no lingering fumes!We recently restored 25 rest room tile floors for the Naval Hospital in Bremerton.  The staff were thanking us every day for the new clean finish!UV Pro on dark Terrazzo in a hospital entryway.  Wax would not hold up to the abusive nature of this entrance.  UV Pro looks great!Naval Base Kitsap - Trident Inn   Our floor coatings helped NBK Trident Inn win a national award from the Navy for best galley in the country!Evergreen Hospital Tile restoration.  Evergreen has some of the nicest floors of any hospital.  The cermaic tile and grout needed to be restored.  Our urethane provided a cost effective way to make the tile look like new again.
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