BlueGreen Cleaning
Clear Conscience Sealants is a proud distributor of BlueGreen Systems cleaning products.  We also perform BlueGreen cleaning for our clients that require a green cleaning, or LEED cleaning, process and demand high quality results.  Our BlueGreen Cleaning is economical, effective, and completely green!  We use no harsh or corrosive chemicals, no acids, just BlueGreen cleaning products.

BlueGreen Systems cleaning products use enzymes to clean oil, soil, urine, grease, naturally.  The BlueGreen cleaners are especially equipped for tile and grout floors in commercial kitchens and public rest rooms. Grease, dirt, and odors, disappear almost immediately when our BlueGreen cleaning is performed.

The owner of the hotel was ready to remove the tile and grout from this rest room until we BlueGreen cleaned the floors.  We provided the owner a completely clean floor and grout color back to original.
This sample area shows how our Daily Neutral Cleaner can restore grout lines and tile to the original color.  No acids or harsh chemical were used, just our BlueGreen Neutral Cleaner!
The grout in this rest room had not been clean in over 20 years.  With our BlueGreen cleaners, we were able to get the grout lines about 95% clean.  The customer was amazed!
This hotel guest room tile (test area) clean was performed in about 30 seconds with our BlueGreen Daily Neutral Cleaner.
This rest room was adjacent a busy bar and lounge.  The owner had given up on ever getting the tile and grout clean again.  We BlueGreen cleaned with our Neutral Cleaner, the grout came clean and the odors went away immediately.
BlueGreen Recent Projects
Staybridge Suites Hotel lobby.  The grout was cleaned using our BlueGreen Daily Neutral Cleaner.  The Houskeeping staff was elated.
This Marriott Hotel kitchen was deep cleaned with our Heavy Duty Degreaser.  Once cleaned, it is easily maintained with our Daily Neutral Cleaner.
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